Sunday, October 23, 2011

The color wheel of hair!

What Is a Hair Color Wheel?

Hair color wheel can be defined as a chart of reference, showing the relationship between colors, while red, yellow and blue are considered as primary colors.
Picture of Primary Colors - Red, Yellow and BlueYes… Red, Yellow and Blue are the three basic colors in the palette of hair dyeing.
They are termed as Primary Colors, because…
They cannot be formed by mixing other colors together. and all the other colors (secondary and tertiary, which we will discuss in a moment) are derived from these three primary colors.
Picture of Secondary Colors - Orange, Green, and PurpleOrange, Green and Purple (violet) are called Secondary Colors. Why? Because…
They can be obtained by mixing the primary colors red, yellow and blue.
The equations below tell you exactly how…
Red + Yellow = OrangeRed + Blue = PurpleBlue + Yellow = Green
Last but never the least are the Tertiary Colors. These are the colors created by mixing together, various combinations of primary and secondary colors.
Tertiary Colors are six in number, namely red-orange, red-violet, blue-violet, blue-green, yellow-green and yellow-orange.
When you mix a primary color with an adjacent secondary color in equal proportions you get a tertiary color eg red + violet = red-violet.
That is the reason they are in between a primary and a secondary color, on the hair color wheel picture above.
Go here if you are curious to explore the nitty gritty of colors in general in details.
In short hair color wheel is at the root or at the core of hair color chart system in general.

Relationship Between Neutralizing Colors and the Wheel

Picture of neutralizing primary and secondary colorsNeutralizing a hair color in general terms of coloring equals darkening a color.
It is done by mixing a primary color alongwith a secondary color opposite to it on the hair color wheel.
These two opposing colors are commonly called as complimentary colors. In the hair world however, they are refferred often as neutralizing colors. (Refer to the picture above)
In the world of hair colors, it's the wheel in action behind the scenes that…
  • When you mix all the primary colors (red, yellow and blue) equally, you get a brown.
  • When you want to nullify (neutralize) a primary color you are told to look at a secondary color exactly opposite, on the wheel… and vice versa.
You will better understand what I am telling, once you read and understand the levels system.

Examples of Hair Color Wheel in Action!

The hair color wheel exhibits it's power by making RULES OF THE GAME OF COLORING.
How? Through the hair color levels system, which is in common use.
And yes… it's not just the hair, rules of the wheel system remain the same universally, no matter where they are applied.
And this brings us to the ultimate boon of the wheel besides hair or coloring… and I simply can't resist my temptation to tell you what!
For a trendy fashionista learning the color wheel is worth all the hardships and is well worth a thousand bucks…
The wheel could help you become the ultimate chic in everything you wear and carry!
Ask How? You can apply this 'not so common' know-how of colors while choosing your clothing, an eyeliner, mascara or a gloss. Think about it and the rest as they say come to light!

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