Saturday, October 8, 2011

Are both the DOCTORS in?

 Found this posted at one of the many sites I frequent online when doing research about products I've used in the past and products that I've thought about using. Before using most brands or products I do my sniffing around to see what works for others then I become the test person if I feel the product is safe but this my dears is another one of those no-no's! ****side eye to this one**:(
I work in the hair care market and Dr. Miracle & Doctor Wonder are owned by the same company, just using different names and selling the products at different price points, so as to get more of the market.  Also, the company is white owned, by a guy named Mark Brian, he created African Pride and now created the two Doctor brands, to get more of the Black dollar.  I was a little offended by the images of Black women they used in their ads, the women looked like slaves. 

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