Saturday, September 24, 2011

Top Sista Sites

Top Sista Sites

I.               PRE-LOCK PHASE
The hair is in thin, tightly coiled spirals.  Its appearance is along the lines of either ringlets or Shirley Temple curls.  This is the infancy stage (baby locks).

After the budding phase, the entire lock begins the process of interlocking and matting.  The direction is downward from the bud to the end of the hair and back upwards toward the scalp (similar to how some plants develop).  The hair closest to the scalp is not locked; this is where you have new growth.  During this phase, the hair increases in density because it begins to replicate itself like DNA.  Your hair remains in this phase for the longest period of time (adult locks).

This is the final stage in which the hair becomes mature adult locks: an airtight interlocked, spiraling, network system.  The locks become consistent, tight and fairly solid at this point.  It will probably be fairly long in length at this point, as the hair will grow extraordinarily once the spiral form has been established. (elder locks).

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