Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back to Traditional Loc's!

Well have not posted here in my own blog for a month of Sundays!

But alot has happened in my life since I last posted to this blog, I lost 3 people who were near and dear to me. My business partner of almost 10 years then my sister and a month into greiving their passings my son was murdered So life for me has taken some tossing and turning to say the least. I found sisterlocks far to costly and time consuming since being a professional natural haircare stylist myself much easier to retwist my own hair.Please do not take any pictures from this blog without permission. Now thought about taking the retightening class but for the time and money maybe maybe not! Peace & Much Luv

I like to brush my hair so with traditional loc's I can , sisterlocks does not give me that option.

But such goes life and since things are just a bit better than the days before, coming back from Italy and a new Beau, life is sweeter than before I must say!

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